SHI Wenxuan

Senior Undergraduate Student

# Education

Hi, my name is SHI Wenxuan (石文轩). I am a senior undergraduate student majoring in computer science at the Southern University of Science and Technology. Currently, I am a member of the COMPASS lab supervised by Professor Fengwei Zhang. I was a visiting student at the CURIOSITY lab supervised by Professor Zhenkai Liang.


Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech)

B.Eng. in Computer Science, 2018-2022

GPA 3.79, average score 91/100, top 15%

National University of Singapore (NUS)

Visiting Student in School of Computing, 2021F

# Research

My research interests mainly falls on system security including hardware-assisted security, program analysis, and trustworthy execution. I am also a big fan of network protocols, IoT/Cloud/Mobile systems and programming language.

Research Projects

Hardware-assisted Concurrent Bugs Detection

supervised by Zhenkai Liang, Fengwei Zhang

Using Hardware Features to Diagnosis Concurrency Bugs on Arm

supervised by Fengwei Zhang, Zhenyu Ning

An analysis system that can be used for long-term operation, utilizing hardware features to track concurrency program execution online and analyze data flow in an offline phase.

Transparent Tracing and Debugging on Arm

supervised by Fengwei Zhang, Zhenyu Ning

Combining Arm TrustZone and some hardware components to provide a transparent tracing and debugging environment for security analysers.


A Practical Failure Diagnosis Framework via Arm Hardware Features

in submission to USENIX Security ’22 Fall

Read my post about it

Grades (relevant to system security)

Course My Grade
Computer Security 96, A
Operating Systems 95, A
Computer Networks 99, A+
Computer Organization 96, A
Algorithm Design and Analysis 96,A

# Interests & Aspirations

In the next five years, I would like to pursue a PhD and focus on security, doing valuable security research, and building truly practical security systems.

I started coding since my primary school and I always love exploring the computer world. I got several awards in Programming Contest, such as NOIP and ICPC. Besides, I am fond with designing and developing useful applications (like this blog system), which I wrote many posts about.

Fun Projects


Rust, C, C++

A practical memory leakage detection tool with dynamic code instrumentation, memory permission trapping, and libC hook.

SUSTeam Game Platform

Kotlin, TypeScript, Java

A platform like Steam and Epic, providing game purchase, download, and serverless functions for game developers.

SUSTech NextBus

Swift, Python

An Apple Watch application for quickly check the next coming bus based on location and predictions.

What's new?


I come to Zhenkai Liang's Curiosity Lab as a visiting student in National University of Singapore. I will stay here for a semester and focus on system security research.


I start an internship at Tencent TEG as a Software Design Engineer. I help the team researching on inference acceleration.


Linyun, Weijie and I won the Silver Medal of the 2019 ICPC Asia Regional Contest (International Collegiate Programming Contest) as a team representing SUSTech in Yinchuan.


Tongzhou, Chuan, Qing, Botian and I won the Second Class Prize of the 2019 ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge as a team representing SUSTech.

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Discussing ideas with friends.
COMPass Celebration Dinner 2021
My work space.
My cat.

*The Macbook in these photos was my old one. Currently I am using a Macbook Air with Apple Silicon (M1).

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